Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's (creepy) Chuckle

From the comments:

Incent people being victmized be the police and judges, property taxes going up when property velues is going down tax returns 640 to 1280 less this year and a presdient that bows to other counturies spells terisam to me. Some say we are not vilanet, we will handle this thru leagel means but the leagle system is tated and the civil war was not won with words but with bullets.
Makes my head spin.


coyoteradiotheater said...

Mmmmmm. See, here's where I've got to stand up for better spending and organization of public education in Arizona. We're currently rated at the bottom of the nation. Again. Still.

But with some sustained effort, we could much, much better spelling psychopaths. Have you read scary xenophobic nincopoops' rants from Japan? Muuuuch better spelling. Really cogent half-assed arguments.

We'll never get rid of idiots who don't want to know what they don't want to know (in fact, that was generally what horrified Monarchists the most about our little experiment in Democracy here in America). But with a serious commitment to education, they won't come across quite so mulletatious.

Steven Ayres said...