Monday, November 9, 2009

Not everyone happy with House health care bill

Some editorial decisions just take my breath away. It plumb evades me, for example, how any editor can see news value in person-on-the-street interviews. I know, the "wisdom" of the volk, right? What's true is that 90% of the time you're going to get the wise old volk feeding back exactly what they saw on teevee last night. I expect it feeds an editor's ego to hear people saying what he's been telling them. But what value can it possibly hold for the reader? Somebody splain this to me.

As for the headline, here's today's 'duh' moment.

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Mia said...

I'm glad to hear someone shares my own sentiment. I hate person-on-the-street interviews. They're so completely random and irrelevant. Also, while I'm venting, I feel like I can't blog on the Courier site anymore since some people called my friends and me moronic, fecal matter, simple-minded, sheeple, full of horse pucky, and all kinds of other really mean stuff. It makes me want to meet them by the swings and kick their asses! I do applaud Kirkpatrick for voting in line with the majority of those who elected her. I wonder though, if the insurance companies have come out the really big winners here. Mandatory insurance, with a public option that "will probably cost more than private insurance". Even with the added cost of covering preexisting conditions, not charging women more, and whatever else, how many millions of new customers will insurance companies get? I don't see how this is a move toward socialized healthcare, maybe even quite the contrary. Insurance companies will grow in power tremendously. Look how much power they've flexed during this debate. Am I missing something?