Thursday, November 12, 2009

Norwood explores options, Courier scooped again

After more than six years in the office, City Manager Steve Norwood is competing for a new job in an Austin suburb. When he came on, my bet was three to five years, so he's lasted a fair bit longer than I expected. I hope he gets the job, moves on, and we can start breaking up the little empires that he's created in the staff and rationalizing the management-heavy mix at City Hall.

Lynne McMaster got what looks like a nice leisurely interview with him on the subject. The Courier has nothing yet.

Update, Friday: Cindy turns in nothing new to account for tardiness.

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Candace McNulty said...

Your title was fine, Steven, but I'm at a loss as to how you resisted "Last Train to Pflugerville." (Y'can't make this sh*t up, know what I mean?)

Pity we're losing "...a visionary, dynamic partner who is an outstanding leader and manager of urban growth and development..." Pity the local birdcage-liner can't keep up with Lynne.