Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to write more readable comments

Today a couple of commenters asked how I'm able to write paragraph breaks into my comments on I replied there, but it occurs to me that others may like to know and the blog is a better spot to reference it.

Punch the 'comment' button below this post and you'll get a comment box with some notes just below it showing example HTML calls you can use. At least some of those commands will work on the Courier site as well. I've only tried the basics, and I ask that everyone be conservative about this stuff to avoid screwing up the comments and pissing off the IT department.

p = paragraph break
br = line break
b = bold on
/b = bold off
i = italic on
/i = italic off
href=http:\\[your link here] = start hyperlink
a = finish hyperlink

All HTML commands go between left and right carets.

It's easy. I also usually compose comments in Notepad or another simple text editor before copying them to the comment box, the better to proof them before publishing.


Gushue said...

Steven like I said before thanks for this... I am sure I will be using it when the first editorial about the Nobel Peace Prize comes out.

Steven Ayres said...

Glad to help!