Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three events mark Sept. 11 anniversary

The comments say it all. The teabaggers will try to hijack the anniversary to push their conspiracy fantasies. And the Courier is right there to help. Notice that the other two event announcements include nothing like this. The teabagger press release probably included a lot of nonsense that the others didn't, but Paula should have known to leave it out and the editor should have redlined it.


Anonymous said...

"The Courier is right there to help"? Funny how short some people's memories are. The Courier took it on the chin for not covering their last event, and now the Courier is in bed with the teabaggers? Make up your mind!

Steven Ayres said...

If that was taking it on the chin, dear Anonymous (too-chicken-to-ID-yourself-Courier-employee), y'all are mighty thin-skinned down there, a phenomenon I have observed regularly over the years. It's also clear that you're way more sensitive to criticism from the right -- your identified we-group.

For the record, it wasn't me who complained about non-coverage of that teabagger meeting, that was the teabaggers. The thing I remarked on was the non-coverage of the march on the Square acouple months ago, and only then because I expected y'all to give it the shoot-the-puny-crowd-in-foreground-so-it-looks-bigger treatment.

Just to reemphasize, in case you didn't get it: you should not have published the "current threats to freedom that loom ..." graf. That was a very basic and glaring editorial error.