Thursday, August 13, 2009

A flurry of letters

The Courier is carrying no less than eight LTEs today, all on the health-care debate, which looks a lot like a stunt to me.

Patricia Brockert tries to set the record straight on end-of-life counseling. Bill Holmes swears he'll be civil at the meeting that no lawmaker plans to attend. In the comments, Craig Mathews provides some interesting background on both the meeting and Mr Holmes. Tim Welte demands a pledge from Rep Kirkpatrick that she read the bill. Larry Lawlyes (sp?) and Paul Lopez call it on the obstructionist town-meeting strategy. Bernard Cygan is butt-hurt because Speaker Pelosi thinks shouting down your representatives is un-American. Sherry Denecker thinks the health-care reform is about letting old people die. And Robert Graybehl is just mad at Demmycrats.

I count three in favor vs. five against, better odds than we get on Fox. I wonder how many the editors left on the spike.


Birther T. Bagur said...

I can vouch for one being left on the spike.

Steven Ayres said...

BTB: Post it here if you like.

Chris Bergman said...

YES! Steven is gracious enough to use his space for "MIA" LTE's (Okay, now my fingers hurt). By all means use it! I, for one, would love to read what you have to say.

Steven: maybe you could have a weekly MIA section? I stopped writing once they offered me the blog spot but I'd love to see what's getting "left out." (Oops, no pun intended ;-)