Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday open thread

I'm feeling a little edgy this morning. You?


Stephen Courtright said...

I found the comments on yet another letter to the editor about the recent Tea Party to be interesting. This was not because most of them said anything new, but because Tom Steele finally flipped. He's been riding the rail for a while, treading the fine line of lunacy, but his comment in that thread was devoid of substance, logic, coherence, good grammar, and (apparently) thought. I find this all to be ironic, because the point he was trying to make was that the country is finally aware of who Obama really is, when he was just making it absolutely clear who has really is.

Steven Ayres said...

Are you referring to the New World Order-founding fathers-both Bushes-PIG rant? That's an instant classic. He never could spell, but lately he's really getting the shouting-at-traffic thing down.