Thursday, July 2, 2009

Marines exchange fire with Taliban in searing heat (update)

This AP story mysteriously dropped out of the sky onto the Courier website this afternoon. The paper's usual practice has been to use wire stories as inside filler and leave them off the site, since the site doesn't need filler to support the advertising on the edges. Maybe we're seeing a change in policy, and maybe someone just goofed up.

But this may spark up another round of controversy over local vs. general content, with some demanding that the paper furnish national news (with what pages? That takes ad revenue) and others demanding it keep the messy old world off their doorsteps.

I can't see how the Courier can either make any money with or do a useful job of national/world news, and there's plenty of that available already. (If you want that through the Courier site, think partnerships and sponsored links.) I think it could do a lot more with state news, particularly what's going on at the capitol and how it affects rural AZ. But hard local news should always be the main game.

5pm: I notice on just the sort of hard info I suggested above. We should see this in the Courier every week, at least. I notice some good original writing over there from the capitol as well. How is it that the Verde crew can afford this, but the Courier won't even carry it?


Anonymous said...

I hope the lack of comments doesn't discourage you. We need your critical kept on the Courier (even if it doesn't seem to do much good.) I see what you mean about the VV News, they have run eight statewide stories in just the last couple of days. I had not looked at it before but I have now added The Verde Valley News to my RSS Reader. Keep up the Good Work.

Steven Ayres said...

Thanks! Like radio listeners, blog readers don't often respond unless they're pissed off. I'm really quite happy with the comment traffic so far, given that I only started spreading the word yesterday. I appreciate your note and I'll try to live up to your trust.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. I only noticed because I was still subscribed to your blog in my RSS reader.

televixen said...

I would have to agree with your comment on the world news section. There are plenty of resources that carry world news. Stop wasting space and cover more local news!