Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Letter: Rodeo ceremony snubs non-Christians

I read John Lorant's letter and said, well, duh, you knew that was gonna happen when you bought the ticket. But I also knew at once that this would bring a hail of stones from hard-ass Xtians, and from the looks of the comments -- four pages so far, more than I've ever seen -- we can expect to see letters on this for at least a month. Now that's entertainment!


Anonymous said...

Well, duh! we would NOT have gone if we had known there was going to be some religious service, which we found inappropriate for an entertainment venue.

If we HAD known ahead of time, we could have made an informed decision as to whether to attend or not. Instead we signed up for an evening of pure entertainment - and that is not what we got!

John Lorant's wife

wendy said...

Hey Wife, do you have a name of your very own or do you just hide behind your husband's name?
So sorry you lead such a vapid existence that a prayer is the subject of such outrageous fear and loathing in your pathetic lives! I'm a non-Christian who really has better things to think about than getting stuck listening to a prayer or two from time to time.

Get a life!

Steven Ayres said...

Mr Lorant, I totally get how over-the-top these things can get among people who think everyone either does or should think the same way. But rodeo? Maybe if you've never been to one before, or seen nothing of it on TV, or read nothing about it in the paper, or ever heard any commercial country music, you might not understand that the whole gad and country thing is central to thee PR. Is that really the case?

Wendy, please back off on the personal attack. There's no need for that here.