Thursday, July 9, 2009

Letter: Innovative show sent Elks out with a bang

I don't imagine that anyone in the Courier offices remains unaware that Kim Kapin is the City communications director. So why does that title not appear on the letter? This is bald PR for the City, and the paper should inform readers of that.

If the City's PR flack feels compelled to pump up the event in this shady way, I suspect the event was another dud. Would any witnesses like to illuminate me?


Anonymous said...

There are two Kim Kapin's in town. The male version Kim H. Kapin is the City's Public Affairs Director. Kim Webb Kapin (his wife), is a fan of Bryan Matuskey's. She wrote the letter to the Courier with all sincerity.

Hope that illuminates the PR situation for you.

Steven Ayres said...

Now, why would someone need to be anonymous to post that comment?

My guess: guilty as charged.