Friday, July 17, 2009

Election: Blair emphasizes need for open space maintenance

Mr Blair regrets his vote to allow us to vote to tax ourselves to acquire open space. He thinks it should have included funding for maintenance of the land so acquired, but I'm not picking up what sort of maintenance he's talking about -- picking up the trash once in a while? The piece includes an interesting logical cul-de-sac, in that Mr Blair laments that city officials -- including, presumably, himself -- "never thought it through," yet he is clearly enthusiastic about having us return him who failed to think it through to the office, presumably so that we may depend on his not thinking things through further. You fumbled that one, Coach.


BearWhizBeer said...

If he's trying to come off as some kind of open space advocate he sure blew it. I for one am not voting for anyone who doesn't demonstrate clear support for open space and enough backbone to at least challenge the go-go developers.

Steven Ayres said...

It's funny that there's any ambiguity. Blair is backpedaling from his vote for the open-space initiative, which was necessary to getting reelected at the time, because he thinks being against open space is necessary to getting reelected now. Besides what's coming out of his mouth, it fits with my direct experience of Mr Blair as a Councilman.

The thing is, I think he may be misreading the electorate. The demographics here are constantly changing, and I think open space is a positive value for the majority now. I guess we'll see in September, because given the sales-tax vote it's guaranteed to be one of the main topics.