Monday, July 16, 2007

Editorial: "Congress should enforce ethics"

Duh. So where has the unnamed Courier editor been for the past six years? Head down, grazing in a Fox News salad, that's where.

Meta: Why is this headlined differently on the free site and the print edition? And why, on the free site, are the editorials not showing up anywhere without doing a specific search?


Anonymous said...

Many others? Where? Yo, there is nothing we in Prescott can do about congressional term limits. Give it a rest, it is out of our control. We get the point: You think term limits would solve corruption in congress. I think you are so far wrong that John Wayne just lost his cowboy hat. Check this: if a member of congress knows he only has a limited time, then the corruption begins sooner and only gets bigger. Term limits would create more corruption because the participants would have less time to get 'their palms greased.' Why don't you fight a battle you can win and have some impact on instead of taking a stand on what would only make Washington more corrupt. jared

Anonymous said...

The editorials are on the home page with the letters, below the news.

Steven Ayres said...

I know they're supposed to be there, and I occasionally find them there, but usually not, at least by the time I'm done blogging in the morning.