Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Editorial: "Barriers might not be pretty, but they are safe"

The unnamed Courier editor recycles Friday's A1 story in the accustomed manner, but towards the end he applies some unaccustomed bite.

Skip over the first few grafs of weird-uncle story, skim the middle bit since you read it last week, and focus on the almost-last graf, in which he calls the mayor and Council "asinine" for wanting something prettier on Prescott's boulevard main entrance than an LA-style freeway.


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Anonymous said...

Enough of this 'blood alley' nonsense. Why can't people drive on this road without killing themselves or others? Might want to revisit the licensing procedures in the state and have people re-evaulated before they turn 65. You know, I was kidding about the Courier flag and NRA sponsorship, but more today about guns? This is obsessive behavior, jeez. jared

Oh yeah, Steve, good to have you back.