Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Editorial: "Ambivalence plagues Young's Farm site"

I'm a little behind, but I couldn't pass this one up. Someone, please, tell me what a 'plague of ambivalence' looks like. I feel like I'm reading Brautigan here.

The unnamed Courier editor gets a point for using for using 'fatuous' in a sentence (albeit a pretty clunky one), but loses it again for failing to note the irony.


Anonymous said...

The Courier editor clearly has no idea what's happens in Dewey-Humboldt. Residents have already figured out that the farm is gone (even though there's a field full of corn) and that some kind of commercial development will appear on the corner.

At issue is that the developer is doing a bait & switch. On one hand Monogram is promising a beautiful marketplace with courtyards, a park and more but on the other hand, the legal entitlements allow for almost anything. When Monogram sells the land to a commercial developer, that new owner will question the original vision and demand the proposition 207 right to develop under legal entitlement. The council will have its hands tied and it's Prescott Valley all over again.

As to the editorial? Just further proof that ignorance wastes good paper.

Anonymous said...

Fatuous developer/editor, Dewey-Humboldt is for people.