Monday, July 9, 2007

A1: "Movie night: Arizona Mobile Cinema recreates old-time drive-in feeling"

Today's front-page photo box is an unabashed promotion of a commercial venture. It's particularly irritating given that the Courier largely ignored Terry Stone when he was showing free movies on the square with no commercial interest. But these out-of-towners looking for money from 'sponsors' get the red-carpet treatment. Typical.

Think business section, guys.

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angie said...

Okay, this angers me.

I remember Terry Stone working his ass off to put free movies on the Courthouse Square. Hell, I made free popcorn and gave it away to folks at some shows.

The Courier gave it the cold shoulder. Maybe because Terry had a more adventurous choice in programming than movies already drilled into our children's heads via DVD?

Courier, its a business puff piece, not the centerpiece of the quickread section.

BTW: Watching Cocteau's black and white masterpiece "Beauty and the Beast" on the Courthouse Square on a warm summer night with folks walking their dogs and bar-hopping in the background is pure, pure Arizona magic.