Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reagan: "Republicans going down with the ship"

This is sort of funny. Reagan seems to believe that the Republican party is imploding because of the immigration bill rather than the gross incompetence of the Bush administration across the board.

Reagan seems to be forgetting that his industry -- ravening right-wing entertainment -- was invented in the early '90s to move the country's political discourse rightward, not to actually serve the wacky ideas the wingnuts and religionists put forward out there in reactionary Bizarro world. Reagan came to truly believe that the nutbar tail has been wagging the corporate dog, and now he's all hurt that the corporatists are abandoning the extremists faster than a Vegas escort dumps a crapped-out date. Life's tough when you're stupid.

"Going Down with the Ship," June 14


leftturnclyde said...

was this editorial in the courier?
and as for the GOP ship sinking ..well down the hatch.. for now.

Steven Ayres said...

Yes, the Courier carried the piece today more or less unmolested. As I mentioned in the meta post, we're codifying my link policy to avoid heartburn, and the Reagan piece isn't on the free site. Since there's no compelling reason this time to look at the Courier's edit on the sub site, I only linked to the source.

MJ said...

"To continue to push for passage indicates that the backers are either stupid, or arrogant and determined to impose their wills on the nation whether the people like it or not."

jeez ... NOW he's concerned about the Bush administration's discomfort with democracy?

where was he with this attitude when W was establishing secret courts and torturing people in foreign countries? or wiretapping illegally? or formulating an unprecedented first-strike foreign policy? all of which are seriously un-American.

talk about cynical ...

leftturnclyde said...

Sorry, I should have figured that out on my own
I do remember the rats starting to desert the ship way back when 10 years ago when the dems got shoved aside and this kind of thing sure looks familiar. Ignoring the will of the people ?
thats all washington has ever done

Anonymous said...

Reagan is an embarassment. To himself, to the Courier when they run this trash and to the English language. Here's what I don't get: Who lets this idiot write a column? There are GOP voices out there who write without using sensational techniques. See Cal Thomas, George Will, etc. It's a shot to the Courier's credibility when they run this nut. jared