Monday, June 18, 2007

Herron: "Sports salaries say a lot about our priorities"

The sky is blue, water's wet, and what Americans spend on sports is stupid. Tell me something I don't know. Al's narrative is completely predictable up to the last graph, where he makes the jump to his favorite angry-letter-generator:

"I sit here wondering why we humans are so crazy. I can explain it fairly well as a result of about 100,000 years of human evolution. Would someone please explain it to me as God’s handiwork?"
This is just calculated to draw amusing responses from people who are intellectually ill-equipped to defend themselves. It's hardly fair, Al.

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leftturnclyde said...

I think that this cuts to the heart of the problem
"The best coaches produce the best teams, which make the most money for the school. The men's football and basketball programs usually underwrite all of the other athletic programs, so universities prosper by having winning teams. The University President doesn't produce income (except maybe contributions), so he's not as important. And the faculty? Who cares about them"
the sports team is used a way to generate money for the fucked up is that?
pretty damn fucked up Id say, and in the meantime a college education is more expensive than ever. I think sports in school should go back to what they were originally intended to be .A way to get students to get some healthy exercise and learn some life lessons about things like teamwork and hard work in order to reach a goal being good things in and of themselves instead of a way to get into the NBA and get that big shoe deal.