Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Editorial: "Method is ugly, results are the same"

Somebody needs more coffee. Today the unnamed Courier editor sleepwalks through yet another 250 words on the PV Wal-Mart aftermath, to no apparent purpose other than to fill the space. There's an amusing element in his working in a gratuitous cowboy reference by saying that he can't figure out how to work in a gratuitous cowboy reference, but nothing else worth the read.

I can picture this with the editor's picture at the top on B1 -- it's essentially the breezy commentary column that's been missing for a while. I'd say it's time for the unnamed Courier editor to move into the old-soldier role and turn the top-left space over to someone who's got the energy to do it right.


leftturnclyde said...

oh god ,this whole thing is like a nightmare where you think youre awake but oops still dreaming !
I cant beleive that the courier is STILL making disaproving noises about this issue ,paticularly when the outcome (the nifty unneeded walmart here in PV) was to the papers liking.
either make some kind of serious stand on the issue or shut up already.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new or relevant here. I have to give notice to three nonsense references in one editorial: pie in the face, western plots and 'worst diamondbacks games.' Epic. Leftturn, I think the shut up solution about wal-mart is in order. jared