Monday, June 25, 2007

Amster: "'Sanctity of life' too complex for narrow views"

Randall's getting better at this. In today's effort he weaves some needed nuance into a national issue on which most people are rock-ignorant, and brings it home with a real local connection. Good show.

I appreciate Randall's assiduous work to calm the waters and get people talking on an adult level. It still ropes me off that we're dealing with this as any kind of controversy, though. We all know, if we're paying attention and honest about it, that this is an invented political issue directly related to the ongoing effort to assign human rights to blastocysts, which is a reactionary stratagem designed primarily to regain legal control over the sexuality of women. I'm really sick of it, we ought to be past this.


Anonymous said...

Good argument. The hypocrisy of the Republican party shines bright yet again. They're all for sending someone to the gallows, but not embryonic stem cell research. Hold out hope, though. Researchers at Michigan State are finding ways to investigate what could be the scientific breakthrough of our generation without the use of embryonic stem cells. So as the number of Alzheimer's patients soars (100 million by 2050), maybe the push to peer into this promising science will increase. 575 days until Bush is out of office. jared

leftturnclyde said...

steven said:
we ought to be past this.

"we" will never be past this . The battle over these kinds of issues starts when you figure that you can move on to the next level of evolution simply because you have enough political power to implement laws or put Judges who are likely to rule a certain way on the high courts.there will always be left over "true believers" who will start planning and organizing and never stopping untill the day when its their turn to "make the world safe for our children"
As dumb as you may the other side is for supporting stupid ideas you have to realize they WILL NOT QUIT.
so you cant figure "Oh everything will be OK now the Dems have control of congress" or " see how much better things are with leagalized abortion? surely you will change your position." because those are veiwed as battles lost ,the war goes on.
keep your powder dry