Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend off

The weather's great, working folks have a three-day weekend, who needs to sit around reading about the Courier? Check back in a coupla days. Open thread in comments here if you feel the urge.


Jim said...

Hey Steve, you deserved the day off! Thanks for your much needed efforts.

Did you happen to notice the Couriers new website URL address? The moniker is an appropriately self annointed grade of its content quality - www.dCourier. Should have been fCourier!

You should consider having a regular comment section for readers to highlight all the goofs, grammatical gaffs and mispellings. It could be called, "Not as Smart as a 5th Grader!"

Example: Did you notice on the 5/21 editorial that the writer rails against an onerous, 1" thick immigration bill, but also made a point that it was 750 words in length? A bit more than the length of a talk of the Town article. Me thinks they left a few 0's off somewhere... or it could have been the bill was typed in 120 point fonts to help those poor blind politicians comprehend it better.

Steven Ayres said...

Welcome, Jim.

I appreciate that it's not just me noticing the typos. But I've tried to avoid pointing out all but the most egregious in favor of what I think are the more important issues of bias, disinformation and public trust. Nobody likes nitpicking, and while I do it for money, there's rarely any profit in doing it unasked.