Monday, May 14, 2007

Two Views of the Verde

The cover story in the May 14 High Country News provides an overview of the Verde Basin water war that we're all involved in.


Granny J said...

Steve,your own biases are showing! I didn't see you pick nit about the hyperbole in this article. You wouldn't let the Courier get away with similar exaggerations:

>>it could lower the water table enough to dry up the Verde River’s first 25 miles — the stretch that leads almost to Von Gausig’s home<<

Huh? It's a pretty long hike from Perkinsville to Clarkdale, especially in hot weather....

>>A mile or so downstream of the headwaters, watercress fills the river, now 30 to 40 feet wide. By the time it hits the Verde Valley 25 miles to the south, the river is a mile wide in some places, red rock cliffs providing a stark, craggy backdrop<<

A mile wide??? Surely that must include a generous sandy beach that is covered only when a named Pacific hurricane hits the central Arizona highlands.

Environmentalists should tread carefully with their hyperbole if they want to be taken seriously! I think Candace did a better job with her series in ReadItHere though I grant the local sheet is not read in as many places asHigh Country News. Also interesting to note thatthe HCN has discovered our very own queen bee.

leftturnclyde said...

"the river is a mile wide in some places"

yup its true granny,
weather has to have been pretty wet but I have seen it.its also pretty shallow ..kinda like the Platte River in Nebraska.
Back east a lot of the Verde would be considered a creek instead of a river...

we live in the watershed for much of the State and if you look to the environmental disaster that Los Angeles's unbridled lust for water caused to sustain its growth rate so developers and politicians could get rich and compare the situation we have here, you may notice some failure to learn from history on the part of our local leaders.

Steven Ayres said...

I get where you're coming from, J, but I didn't intend to put the piece up as a paragon, rather as a reference point. I can't review everything, and HCN isn't what this blog is about. I agree with you about Candace's work, although it requires a little more commitment from the reader.

Granny J said...

I hope that nobody here presumes that I favor drying up the Upper Verde! I've spent too much time at the headwaters and Hell Point and such places to want to see them dry up. Au contraire, I merely wanted to pick a little of my own nit! BTW, Clyde, just where is the Verde a mile wide?