Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Talk of the Town: "Day laborers deserve compassion, not persecution"

At last the Courier allows someone to stand up and tell the truth about the day-labor non-problem. Dennis Duvall writes with clarity and strength, an adult walking into what has been a kindergarten howl. How refreshing! The idea that the Council might reverse course and designate the Lincoln Street wedge as a day-labor sanctuary is over the top, but it also throws a high-contrast light on just how nasty this business has become.

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leftturnclyde said...

" Have a heart: build the guys a lean-to shelter to get out of the cold, sun and wind. Give them a coffee pot and burn-barrel to keep warm during the winter months. Consider a courageous step to build a hiring center to
serve both laborers and community residents who want to give them work."

"over the top ?" Geez we dont do this kind of stuff for the temp workers who are life long citizens.
If we really want to do something about this ,lets figure out the whole guest worker program first.then they can go to Manpower or whatever other temp agency,stop getting taken advantage of and/or abused and we wont have to build them a special place of their own with coffee and donuts.
come on, these are people! not stray dogs