Thursday, May 31, 2007

Letters: Complaint dept.

In today's mailbag, Henry Wamboldt doesn't get why Commodore Springer needs a westside highway to feed customers to her developer pals -- come on Hank, get a clue -- Jack McGowan will fight to preserve his right to a high-speed T-boning, and Phyllis Meyers thinks the rodeo is icky.

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coyoteradiotheater said...

See, this is not where solutions come from. This is not neighborly. This is not even Christian, if it comes to that.

90 years ago it would have been a Japanese flag. 100 years it would have been an Italian flag. 120 years ago it would have been an Irish flag.

The Courier staff should be ashamed to publish such zenophobic gobbly-gook.

Figure out a solution people. This ain't it.