Thursday, May 17, 2007

Editorial: "Yavapai County: Rural in name only"

I saw this headline and first wondered whether I was in for another inadvertent rerun on the op-ed page, but no, it's not the same as yesterday's. Just the same idea, lamenting our loss of innocence and bucolic bliss, applied over a list of county budget requests related to lawnforcement. And my response is the same: y'all think growth is good, don't bitch when you get what you want.

Seriously, guys, we could use some deep, integrative thinking from people who closely watch the flow of events in our area about where we're headed and how we can shape our progress to build and maintain the community we all want. That's the sort of leadership an editorial can contribute. This sigh-and-surrender-to-the-inevitable BS is totally counterproductive.


leftturnclyde said...

see, this kind of editorial stance is an example of how folks around here are being brainwashed into believing theres nothin to be done.
the real question becomes who(or whom) is getting the benefit from this kind of softsell propaganda.

Steven Ayres said...

The central question for me is whether the editors do this knowingly or out of simple failure of imagination. They may really believe it, and just not see the connections.