Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A3: "Moore likely edges Schmidt for CV Council final seat"

Doug Cook gets all the numbers in order, I'm just a little confused about their meaning. First, the distinction between the candidates is really vague:

Schmidt touted a conservative “smart growth” plan based on private industry paying infrastructure costs for building new homes and businesses. Challenger Moore advocated shopping locally while luring more small and big businesses to town.
Maybe I'm thick, but I don't get how this delineates a "hot-button issue." Then we read that "Moore barely beat Schmidt" by 3.7%, which would be a pretty decisive split in any other election, particularly the defeat of an incumbent. Near the end we learn that Schmidt drew more votes than Moore in the primary, making this the sort of come-from-behind horse race I'd expect would play in the lead. It sure feels like something is being soft-pedaled here.

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