Thursday, May 10, 2007

A1: "Liquor licenses continue to generate city debate"

Cindy Barks writes it pretty straight, but I expect your reading of this story will vary with your point of view on the issue.

I have a certain amount of learned sympathy for Councilcritter Luzius here, as I spent many years working to get a public board of directors to work in a more professional manner. There's a culture of slack that may be endemic to Americans generally, leading people to minimize the importance of process, precision and showing up on time. You can go overboard in the other direction too, of course, and that will be the other reaction to Mr Luzius here. But rather than arbitrary bureaucratism, I can see that what he's working on may be the good-ol-boy insiderism that we dislike in other areas. If you want your staff to act professionally, you need to be as sharp at the top.

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