Tuesday, April 3, 2007

P1: "Board of supervisors select Sundog site"

Once again we find the Queen Bee hectoring all around her for not seeing things her way. Carol: that's a clue. And can we ever talk about Ms Springer's association with Howie Rich?

Oh yeah, and did you catch the typo in the headline?


leftturnclyde said...

so whats her connection ? With howie rich ?

Steven Ayres said...

Springer chaired the astroturf local committee that sponsored Proposition 207, the eminent-domain "reform" designed to end all control of land use by business. The same proposition was on the ballot at the same time in several other states. It came from and was financially supported almost exclusively by a front organization operated by Howie Rich and a couple of his rich radical-libertarian friends, all in New York.

leftturnclyde said...

New York City? why theyll be making salsa next ..oops too late