Thursday, April 19, 2007

Open thread: a breather

I'm prepping for the trio's appearance at the Chandler Jazz Festival tomorrow night, so I'd best take the day off from the blog.

Use this thread to comment on today's articles. I notice a smackdown among the letters, a Eugene Robinson column that's probably pretty close to full-length, more posturing about illegals by the City Council, PV cops get (most of) their men, and touching disappointment in Wal-Mart on the editorial page.


leftturnclyde said...

Props to Ed wolfe on putting the whole co2 thing in perspective ...
Look Tim, Too much co2 and we get to live on Venus but without the extra gravity..and humans are producing way too much co2 as well as particulate matter and ..oh for the love of god lets look at it this way if the science supporting that global warming is wrong whats the worst thing that could happen..clean air?Kinda funny that it took so long to get Ed's letter in the Paper too...Hmmmmm

leftturnclyde said...

Donna rigby's letter Rocks ..we should give her a cookie .But the only thing that will stop that shopping center now is ..more people like donna rigby who pay attention !

leftturnclyde said...

Eugene Robinsons piece seems to be one of the very few that has called for proper analysis of the incident before we all start using this tragedy to furthur of agenda's on Gun control or the 2nd amendment or Psychiatric patients wandering loose or any of a hundred combinations of the above that flooded the internet hours after the bloodshed when nobody really had a clear picture of what
actually happend.
I am quite surprised to see a piece of this caliber and subject matter unbutchered ( damn the lack of spellcheck on this weblog J. Fred save me !) by the caring editorial staff at the courier..
what do you 'spose they are up to ?

leftturnclyde said...

"Council supports beefing up local immigration enforcement"
AH HA! Cindy Barks Piece on the reveals the reason for the courier's reportage of every crime commited by Illeagal Immigrant's over the last 2 years.
federal immigration enforcement training.
What does this mean?
Looks Like we get cops who are part local law enforcement part "La Migra"
Cindy Barks reports that Steve Blair (rightly IMHO) spoke up about the strain this would put on our local jails .
Jim Lamerson and Robert Luzius disagreed with him but no details were given as to exactly how he was wrong. so How bout it cindy,where are those details ? or was the reasoning just so incredibly lame that you couldnt publish them without making steve's case for him.

leftturnclyde said...

"Wal-Mart failed its own reputation"
first off it's a little late fot the courier to start castigating walmart for election fraud..where were you when we needed you? BEFORE THE VOTE!
second : what reputation was failed?
Heck google "walmart sucks" and I think that you'll find that compared to some of the stuff they have been accused of election fraud is minor.
Immigration violations, price fixing,union busting..
they're pretty much living up to the rep that most of the anti greed head world undertands

Steven Ayres said...

"what do you 'spose they are up to?"

If the Courier's doing right, just be a mensch and give 'em a cookie.

leftturnclyde said...

Ok steve, I will be a mensch.. here's the cookie But I aint wearin the yarmulke..unless it has a propeller (and is presented to me by a ballerina..)