Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Letters: Love for Lovell

Tom Gatchell gives Terry Lovell another attaboy for facing down a whole planet of scientists with a brain so amazing it got him a job on KYCA.

Anybody else on this bus remember when those of us who understood the threat of atmospheric heating due to fossil-fuel use were the radical fringe? It's fascinating how people can deftly shift their arguments from 'we're the majority, so we're right' to 'we're smarter than the majority, so we're right.' The rub is that science may not accept a given theory, but once it does it never rejects it again in favor of the previous model, because the previous model has already proved inadequate. The boat's already left, folks.


mason lewis said...

I thought Lovell's piece contained too much jargon; the average reader would have missed the point.

leftturnclyde said...

Geez this is the second day I have found people desperately supporting anybody with an Idea no matter what, which will allow them to deny not just global warming but the fact that Humans are causing it..