Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lambro: "How did Tech gunman escape notice?"

Today's Lambro focuses like a laser on school officials for failing to have Cho illegally committed, or something. I checked the original, titled "Lessons of Virginia Tech," and while it's about 100 words longer than the Courier version, it unaccountably contains no mention of the guys who sold the weapons to this wacko. Maybe it just slipped Don's mind in the flurry of Republican talking points flying out of his ass.


leftturnclyde said...

you mean they actually trimmed a right wingers commentary ?
holy cow whats next an AL franken Commentary? anyway...
there was a really interesting piece on NPR the other day which featured a guy who had written a book about his experience with his sons mental Illness.heres a link


The way the Law is written in VA.you really can't help or begin treatment on someone unless they ask for it or are in Imminent danger of hurting themselves or others. which usually means they have to do something violent to themselves or others first .When you combine that with this soid gold piece of bureacratic bumbling
reported by Kevin Johnson in USA today.. uh ..today
"In 2005, a court had ordered psychiatric counseling for Cho after determining he presented a danger to himself. But because he was never committed to a mental hospital, that order never appeared in the background check database that gun dealers are required to check before selling a firearm".

you get what happened at VA tech.

so why bring up the guys who sold Guns ? They did the Background Check like they were supposed to.

The system dropped the ball on this thing, the WHOLE system .
This is something both sides of the gun Issue seem to have either missed or purposfully Ignored for fear of undermining their Point of veiw.

Steven Ayres said...

=> so why bring up the guys who sold Guns? They did the Background Check like they were supposed to.

My point was that if the teachers did what they were supposed to do and were still negligent for not stopping him, why not the gun sellers as well? Lambro's focus on the teachers is code for a standard right-wing slap at a favorite inflatable punching clown with two heads, labeled 'intellectuals' and 'organized labor.'