Friday, April 6, 2007

Editorial: "ICE needs to prioritize deportation of criminals"

So, let me get this straight: the Courier editor thinks it icky that when Prescott PD pick up an illegal on suspicion of doing a crime, the Feds don't just sweep in, take the alleged miscreant off our hands, transport him back to wherever he came from and save us all the trouble and expense of a trial. It's funny how our commitment to the rule of law can so easily slip into demand for the rule of law-enforcement officers.

Last night I happened to see a clip of Bill O'Reilly making much the same argument. It's a hoot.

I'll give you that the prosecution of illegals presents us a very complex problem. Might it not be better, for example, if we could rely on our southern neighbors to prosecute and incarcerate their own for crimes done here? In any case let's not go off the deep end -- per capita, illegals do a tenth the crimes that legal residents do. Since we're convicting him in the Courier anyway, wouldn't it be more illuminating to focus on who this guy is rather than his visa status?

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leftturnclyde said...

this is all extremly depressing
this whole illeagal immigrant this is much like the drugproble the U.S. moans and howls "officialy" about the problem and ignores the fact that folks in the U.S. are causing the problem by providing a market for the services of the illgeals and the Buzz of the dope .
whats worse is that the rational solutions to these issues do serve the intrests of those who make money off of the traffic so we have useless arguments about symptoms while the root cause is ignored
Weres the mallet