Sunday, April 8, 2007

Editorial: "Easter, a special day around the world"

Oh, do me a favor. The editorial page is not the place for your personal choices in jumpin' juju, those belong over on the Religion page -- or, the way you've written it, maybe Sports. Ack.

Update, 6pm: Think I'm being harsh? Try it from this angle.

The world's 2.1 million Turtlists are rejoicing today as they mark the day they believe a giant turtle rose from the sea, creating the world we live on today.

The other religions of the world and the 16 percent of the world's people who are nonreligious see it as just a story, but what a great story it is. The Great Turtle so loved the world that he took it upon his own back, showing the world the path to enlightenment.

If it is just a story, it's the best ever told, because more than two millennia later, Turtlism is the No. 1 religion in Turtlestan. More than .3 percent of the world's people claim it.

Islam ranks second with .21 percent of Turtlestan's population with 1.3 million. Hinduism is third with .14 percent of the population and 900,000 adherents. Judaism claims .022 percent with 14,000 adherents.

Whatever one's religion, let everyone enjoy his or her major observances. Today is the holiest day for Turtlists, and a great day it is.

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leftturnclyde said...

I dont have a problem with the subject, Im more intrested in the fact that I cant figure out what this op ed piece is trying to say .It reads like a bad high school essay . If easter is Important spend some time and write a meaningfull statement.not "yay its easter! respect it its christian and a really holy day and did I mention its christian?"