Friday, April 13, 2007

Editorial: "Duke lacrosse case evokes 'Oxbow'"

Once again the unnamed Courier editor (ahem, Ben, ahem) frog-marches us through three graphs of gratuitous reference to cowboys into extended finger-wagging about something that matters not one whit to anyone reading him. His only consistent motivation seems to be another opportunity to whack a couple of his favorite inflatable punching clowns. What's odd is that he wants to do this in public.

Sort of weird exhibitionism, if you ask me.


leftturnclyde said...

"Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party and dozens of local so-called "black leaders" who made loud demands for quick action at the outset but appear mute in the wake of the dismissal of charges"
this should have been the crux of the editorial. Don Imus just lost his job for what we can all agree was a tasteless display . he did pennace ,went to Publicly take his lumps from sharpton and the Women he insulted.
As a matter of fact he met with the Basketball team after he was fired . I am unhappy with the insulting quotation marks around Black leaders in the above but the guy makes a point.Imus ( A White Guy)insulted a Black womens basketball team. Loses job
Jackson ,Sharpton and unnamed others ( presumably all Black Guys )called for instant Justice on 3 white college men in a rape case,loudly forcefully ,who were later vindicated.They were wrong and what did they do? No appology,no admission of rush to judgement,
Just a Damming silence, which could be read in any number of ways.. the most obvoious being they disagree with the verdict. and yet... there is no holding these guys accountable for what they said. No one is even questioning them about it ..just some editorials which are not the page one or page 2 coverage that they got with the accusations they made.
Do we give these men, who are political and social leaders, a buy on the same kind of standards we have enforced on a.. well.. comedian?

leftturnclyde said...

heres a couple of examples of how this piece could (maybe should) have been done .
both worth the read
check it out courier editors
( I know you Lurk)