Thursday, April 26, 2007

A1: "Granite Gate annexation plan opens debate among residents"

Cindy Barks details how once again the City Council is in hot water for failing to discuss changes to a neighborhood with the neighbors before putting them on the public agenda. Architect and former Councilcritter Tom Reilly knows more about this than most, so his surprise at the reaction is likely feigned.

The story's OK, but the headline is misleading, giving the impression that residents disagree with each other, rather than pretty uniformly with the City action.


leftturnclyde said...

add this
"Local architect and former Prescott City Councilman Tom Reilly, who is representing Granite Gate, said he mistakenly believed that the city would notify the nearby residents of the proposed annexation"
to this
Reilly apologized for the earlier lack of public information on the issue, maintaining that it was an oversight, but "no clandestine effort" to keep the matter from the neighbors
Yup that guy is right up there with the Attny. General in the Lieing with a straigt face award..

and he aint the only one dancing around
check this out

Meanwhile, the council stressed to the audience that the current action deals with annexation only ­ not with Granite Gate's plans for expansion.

Even so, a memo from the city noted, "The purpose for the annexation is to allow for expansion of the facility

and when you toss in the headline on this it sure seems like somebody is trying to Muddy the water on this issue enuff so that the folks who might object are kept in the dark as long as possible.
Kinda sounds like the wallmart debacle down here in PV
Im thinkin the fix is in on this one

Steven Ayres said...

I expect it's as likely as not that Councilcritters just don't have it as wired as they should before they make statements. I've seen this happen a lot.