Monday, April 23, 2007

A1: "Collapsing colonies"

Joanne Twaddell visited with the folks at The Honeyman and talked about bees, squishing a national agricultural crisis down into a nice human-interest story. It's a pity it didn't include some expert references on just how widespread, severe and sudden this crisis has been to put it in context and make the reader smarter about the big picture here.


mj said...

i remember hearing stories about this at least 3 years ago. it's such a scary thought that our entire agriculture system could just collapse for lack of pollination that i guess no one did any effective work on a solution.

Steven Ayres said...

Solution? From what I've read, there's still nothing much better than speculation about the cause. This is deep doo-doo that is not going away.

On the upside, it appears there'll be plenty of jobs for hydroponic hand-pollinators in the near future.

leftturnclyde said...

I dont recall anything about colony collapse but I do Remember the whole parasite thing ..
the scary thing about colony collapse is individual bees leave the hive never to return and no seems to know the what, where, why of it..
and then we get a puff piece on this in the courier ( shakes head ,takes long pull on his coffee)